to-sync work

Large projects require perfect teamwork from everyone involved. to-sync work knows that, too, and has created a range of dynamic swivel chairs which help you meet your deadlines with stylish design and adapt to your everyday office life with smart mechanical and ergonomic features. Choose between the light and airy mesh-line, which makes a statement in black or white, or the soft comfortline, which gently has your back. Coloured covers enable you to give your swivel chair your own distinctive makeover.


to-sync white

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to-sync black

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to-strike work

Intensive projects require a loyal partner who supports you in all phases. To-strike work is such a loyal buddy. Its fully upholstered backrest ensures you to master every milestone comfortably. An by the way, with its powerful all-in-one mechanics, you also start the evening after a work cool and fresh. 

to-strike comfort

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